kevin kelly - principal electrical engineer, building services


+ I’m curious as to why things are what they are and how they work.

+ from a young age my curiosity of how things worked resulted in many permanently disassembled watches, clocks and sadly later the farm motor bike.

+ as a young engineer I was curious into learning the design process, how to put together documentation proactively.

+ prior to becoming a business owner, I was curious to how businesses were run, why some expanded to become large international organisations and how others remained a boutique service.

+ with engineering standards I am not happy to know "what they are" without knowing "why they are", e.g. why is 320 lux the recommended lighting level for an office, why do we mandate smoke detection in apartments but not small commercial offices.

+ presently I am motivated to bring the best of what I’ve learnt in over 30 years of engineering practice to each and every project I’m involved with, to those whom I interact with professionally, and to continually improve the engineering available for those that I work with at every opportunity.


+ full electrical design for commercial buildings

+Western Power applications

+ coordinated LV design using PowerCAD

+ NER review of PV Solar

+ lighting design with 3-d modelling using Dialux

+ NCC review, J6, Emergency & Exit Signage, Smoke Detection & Alarms, etc.

+ NBNCo design/documentation and applications


tel - 043 995 2378

email -

Engineers Australia MIEAust, CPEng, NER 950620

  • Graduating from University of Western Australia in 1989, Kevin has maintained his academic foundations by participating with the continued professional development program run by Engineers Australia and is registered on the National Engineers Register with Engineers Australia

Green Building Council of Australia - Accredited Professional

  • Kevin is a green star accredited professional electrical engineer, practicing in Western Australia

Engineering associations

  • Institute Hospital Engineers Australia (WA) - Associate member over 10 years
  • Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia New Zealand - Associate, Member since 1999
  • Licensed Security Agent & Consultant - Agent License 54899,Consultant License 02519